Actually Related Quotes

“We had a great drama department and a great on site voice teacher actually. I started taking lessons with her and doing some community theatre. Then when I was seventeen, I did some professional theatre gigs locally and had already made up my mind that that’s what I really wanted to do and my parents really never questioned it.”

Chad Kimball

“It was actually kind of a blur, the whole thing.”

Aaron Stanford

“There are some things that we can actually get a better a price, because of our size.”

Steve Johns

“I don’t know if it’s anything intentionally we did, but . . . we actually used to have some stations here and a few people knew us then, but we sold most of the stations in the Valley a couple of years ago, ... We own Phoenix Fuel here in town. You’ve probably seen some of their trucks on the freeways, but they operate under the name Phoenix Fuel so most people don’t know that we own them either.”

Mark Cox

“Many of the provisions would actually end up harming consumers in the long-term rather than helping them.”

Nessa Feddis

“Enrichment, exercise and several other things that are independent of drugs can actually impact the course of brain aging and pathology. We really need a massive undertaking in terms of clinical trials and to do placebo control studies. 98% percent of the research concludes that lifestyle can affect the outcome.”

Carl Cotman

“There's actually been a few situations like that ... Brothers who were Dan and Dave that I've heard of.”

Dave Johnson

“The challenge isn't to replace his shoes, because I can't. Our styles are different. He's actually good. I'm not.”

Cory Withrow

“We're actually in the process of setting up a way to accept donations online. But it is something that we are aiming to do because (online collections) have been a big market for a lot of people and a lot of organizations.”

Megan Dorfner

“It sounds simple but it's actually quite complicated when you have to do it at 3,000 feet below the sea. It's never been done before.”

Frank Glaviano