Actually Related Quotes

“You're actually dehydrating yourself, which are some of the symptoms of a hangover.”

Dr. David Kovacik

“We were up to our eyeballs in competition, ... They actually improved over the last time they ran and I was really pleased with that. The kids competed a lot better. They got out and got after it. Had they been a hundred percent physically we would have seen a much better result.”

Dan Green

“I don't know that it's actually sunken in yet.”

Mariah Carey

“The contributions from this are actually immense. Each one of these cores is a tape recorder.”

Daniel Curewitz

“I think he did pretty good, actually. He started off really good. I thought he did what he had to do. A little bit shaky toward recently, though.”

Councilman Gary Okino

“From dissolution to election you don't have much market activity, it's actually quite flat. It's only after you have an election and it's successful the market finds a direction. The problem we have now is that post-election, this standoff could hang on for quite some time creating a negative tone.”

Patipat Pattaphongse

“The French, unfortunately, actually believe what they say, and that has been very destructive,”

Paul Krugman

“Yeah, actually I was (surprised). Usually he lets the starters go longer. And lately I haven't been getting in at all. I've been hurt, I've been sick. I was a little surprised, but once you get out there, but once you get that first steal or shot or rebound, then it gets you going and you build on that energy.”

Liz Gruber

“We came here to find out more about the HOV lanes and HOT lanes, which I don't believe was actually addressed.”

Doug Williams

“The idea having the policies be by suite was actually an idea that was developed through the student forums. Also, out of the forums and through the work that the officers of RHA put in, it really showed housing that they were going through an overly good process and considering everything.”

Amanda Gunter