Adamant Related Quotes

My mom always wanted me be a ballerina, and I was just adamant that I wanted to be a track star. I wanted nothing to do with ballet.

Emayatzy E. Corinealdi

“I don't expect Christian Fundamentalists to reach out to me. They are adamant that homosexuals are inferior creatures unworthy of full human status.”

Like I

Actually I'm pretty adamant about, you know, the whole God thing and it seems that skeptics are by and large atheists or something approaching that, which I strongly identify with. So it turned out to be a good thing and I have become enthusiastically part of it.

Jamie Hyneman

See yonder rock from which the fountain gushes; is it less compact of adamant, though waters flow from it? Firm hearts have moister eyes.

Walter Scott

terrorism is adamant. Fight against requires endurance, specific Counter-terrorism, Intelligence and swift operation

Michael Harris Phd

My father was a general manager with Hyatt, so we lived in the hotel so he would be close by if there were any problems. My mum was always adamant about us not abusing it. So I still had to clean my room. Housekeeping would never come and do it.

Dianna Agron

Truth is as hard as adamant and tender as a blossom.

Mahatma Gandhi

As true as steel, as plantage to the moon, As sun to day, at turtle to her mate, As iron to adamant, as earth to centre.

William Shakespeare

I lived in Greece for about four years of my life, and living there had a huge impact on my life growing up. My father was very much adamant that we would learn about our culture. It's a very rich culture to be a part of since it has such a great history behind it. I definitely carry that in my job, and I am very passionate.

Marina And The Diamonds

Man," said the Ghost, "if man you be in heart, not adamant, forbear that wicked cant until you have discovered What the surplus is, and Where it is. Will you decide what men shall live, what men shall die?"

Charles Dickens