Additional Related Quotes

“It appears that the hole in probably stable at this point. We don't expect any additional collapse or settling other than maybe a few inches here or there.”

Walter Wood

“The present value of the additional public expenditures created by the measure is estimated at about three percentage points of GDP. This bill, if implemented, would also have negative consequences for the private pension system, which as of the end of 2005 had $9.5 billion in assets under management.”

Carola Sandy

“The current yield level is attractive enough and we can expect some buying. Additional evidence to show the economy is expanding, or consumer prices are rising, is necessary for bond yields to reach a higher range.”

Xinyi Lu

“There have been, unfortunately, two additional deaths, both among residents.”

David Mckeown

“Taxpayers have multiple opportunities to pay their tax bill without incurring any additional penalty. While our collection program emphasizes full payment, the attorneys work with the elderly, hardship cases and taxpayers that require payment arrangements to pay off debt over time.”

Sharen Jackson

“We're appealing to donors to come through very quickly now with additional resources, because floods are not something that we can work on a few weeks later when bureaucracies are done making decisions ... we have to help people today.”

Catherine Bertini

“Gephardt now has an additional burden, financially, for the third quarter,”

Stu Rothenberg

“We are appreciative of the additional funding we've gotten this year. We'll build it into the budget the best way we can. We're not anticipating any cuts.”

Michael Thomas

“The cuts would have the effect of an additional Sept. 11.”

Roc Arnett

“I wouldn't want to talk about additional charges but the investigation is absolutely continuing.”

Alice Fisher