Address Related Quotes

“It is notable that the judge has succeeded in getting (the defendants) to address the issues in the case to greater degree.”

Nehal Bhuta

“The industry is definitely going through some difficult times, ... We have been making the necessary adjustments to address the current business climate and we are prepared to do what is necessary to position the company to return to greater profitability in the future.”

Paul Fireman

“The reason we need a tax cut today is to help the American family address its needs, and that's exactly what this tax proposal does.”

William Roth

“The group is extremely critical for the school district. They are the only ones who understand and can address the unique needs of these students.”

Charles Fitzgerald

“States like Maryland should be applauded, not sued, for trying to address the tragic fact that in state after state Wal-Mart forces taxpayers to subsidize its health-care costs.”

Chris Kofinis

“I appreciate the forwarding function. It lets me have all the benefits of an added e-mail address without any of the frustration of checking separate e-mails.”

Catie Eisel

“We are going to address the issue. If they really try to ban it, we are not going to take it lying down. It doesn't stop here. We are going to meet and make sure our voices are heard. We are not going to let our culture be oppressed.”

Andreas Hale

“I think if Secretary Bennett does not choose to address the issue with a forthright apology, at the bare minimum, I think Secretary Bennett's program should be removed from the air.”

Wade Henderson

“Over time we will expand our technology portfolio to better address even more applications-related information technology challenges.”

Charles Giancarlo

“The National Short Story Prize will address this by filling a gap in the awards market and breathing life into this once great British literary form, helping it to identify and reward a new generation of talented UK writers.”

Chris Powell