Address Related Quotes

“Depth is our problem. We have to be concerned with the breakaways. That's something we need to address.”

George Dzavan

“In our contacts with Pakistan, we've also made clear that we think that they need to address terrorist activities within their borders, especially the activities of militant groups,”

Richard Boucher

“Normally, I would not split the center into two places, but here it works out. I believe this address (800 Westchester) is going to attract the people who want to be in a building with squash courts and a dry cleaner, and we'll still have a space for those clients who don't need all the high-end amenities,”

George Russell

“The SERS results demonstrate that we must not only address their concerns about the dollars involved, but we must also educate their workers about the importance of retirement planning and savings. Otherwise, a lot of hard-working Americans could face a bleak retirement.”

Dallas Salisbury

“I'm disappointed with the whole season, and I'm going to address it.”

Ralph Wilson

“We've also added some buffering in the plan and rearranged the flow in the parking lot to address some of the other issues raised with how traffic was flowing.”

Mike Coll

“There are several open questions to address before we have a final answer.”

Kevin Kutz

“He knew my address, my name, knew we'd just signed up with Telstra, that we'd just moved in over the weekend, it was scary.”

Cindy Cook

“None of the changes address the key point that a 'Wal-Mart bank' would result in a dangerous concentration of economic power which is bad for consumers, small business, and our nation's economy.”

Chris Kofinis

“These events typically address platform strategy, loyalty structures, development-related plans and other details that aren't as interesting to us, but the fact that they opened the meeting up raises the possibility that there might be more.”

Yuta Sakurai