Addressing Related Quotes

“Instead of addressing the real problem, which is enforcement, the City Council has chosen to enact an overly broad bill that criminalizes a cultural activity. We live in a city that is the cultural capital of the world, yet it is a crime for a young adult to carry a magic marker. What's next -- watercolors or crayons?”

Donna Lieberman

“They understand that there's some shortcomings. It says they're addressing them.”

Erich Merkle

“We believe this is a sound means of addressing concerns about projections made before all polls nationwide have closed,”

David Westin

“If a company comes out and explains why it did what it did and describes its process for addressing the problem, people respect that. You can judge an organization by its first response to criticism.”

David Gebler

“We are addressing it and we are seeing a decline.”

Frank Gribbon

“I think South Carolina has done a more than adequate job of addressing this. Diamond also has been very good. They have offered to reimburse distributors.”

Mike Smith

“By addressing the systemic problems of the past, we will reduce uncertainty, litigation and conflict,”

Carole Taylor

“Our customers know it's out there and they are concerned. Now we have a way of addressing it and offering information to help them make informed decisions. They will have confidence that the fish they purchase has been certified by Safe Harbor and it contains mercury levels below what the government has determined to be acceptable.”

Dave Parrish

“Our costs are going up, and we're having a difficult time addressing all the expenses we need to maintain a high quality of education.”

Chester Gardner

“This is quite innovative I haven't seen a whole lot of governor's-level activity addressing this.”

Ann Morse