Administrations Related Quotes

“The RDR is tired of being the scapegoat for successive administrations when they are faced with crises of any sort.”

Ali Keita

“Incumbent administrations shamelessly attempt to massage the economy so voters will keep them in power,”

Yale Hirsch

“Our plan is to use the items on one test and not on subsequent administrations of test.”

David Payne

“Sierra Pacific has been involved in the political process through many administrations for many years. It was simply a get-to-know, say-hello type of situation.”

Ed Bond

“Successive American administrations have declared peace in the Middle East is an American strategic interest, and one assumes that for an American strategic interest, Americans pay.”

Chemi Shalev

“Regardless of where they, some of these former officials in previous administrations, stand, I think there's a lot of area of common ground with them on how we move forward in terms of the political process and the training and equipping of Iraqi security forces.”

Scott Mcclellan

“We've received a lot of funding from Democratic and Republican administrations. It makes for some strange bedfellows.”

David Hoffman