Afford Related Quotes

“On a teacher's salary, no teacher could ever afford dependent care. Job number one (in the Legislature) is to repair education finance so we can pay salaries.”

Vicky Rudy

“We couldn't afford to take everybody to Hawaii, so we just brought a little Hawaii here to celebrate the nomination.”

Pam Tuttle

“We can't afford to shoot ourselves in the foot early in the game.”

Chris Bosh

“We must unify Taiwan, we cannot afford to have our society being divided in half.”

Chen Shui-bian

“Hopefully we can get them a house soon. But finding a place they can afford and one that's big enough is pretty tough.”

Donny Taylor

“They're that good, and you can't afford to have any lulls if you're going to knock them off. And the few lulls we had proved costly.”

Andy Cerroni

“pay as you go and what you can afford.”

Michael Griffin

“He had some interceptions on the first day of spring, and we told him we can't afford them. He did a good job all spring, until today.”

Dave Rader

“I don't want to schedule cupcakes. We can't do that. We can't afford to do that with our schedule. You don't get better by playing weaker teams. You get good by playing tough opponents.”

Mac Gifford

“This means that we can now afford to do those studies.”

Peter Donnelly