Afford Related Quotes

“Certified used vehicles represent the fastest-growing niche within the used vehicle industry. We simply cannot afford not to be in the game. Chrysler Group's CPO vehicles drive showroom traffic and add to the value of the franchise.”

Gary Dilts

“We want to get to the point where we can afford to hire someone to run it ... By 2007 we hope to set up the Art Market again even bigger and better than before. I have every anticipation that this will be a very exciting opportunity for us. Eventually we would like to have it not just along Queens Way but along Settlers Landing Road, because it is going to become a more pedestrian-friendly street. It would be wonderful to have about 50 pieces.”

Gaynette Larue

“While we are committed to providing a strong learning environment for our students and good facilities, we simply cannot afford the demands made by the federation.”

Darryl Hendershot

“We can't afford it. It's going to cost much more than this 5 percent increment in the NASA budget that they're talking about,”

Alex Roland

“With Nate and Trevor out there we can afford to gamble. We know we're so athletic.”

Channing Frye

“Josh is a quality hitter, and against Long Beach it showed that we can not afford to have his bat out of the lineup. So until his arm is well, against quality opponents we're going to have to have Josh either play left field with a long relay man or play first base. His bat has got to be in the lineup.”

Wayne Graham

“It was a little ring, something one might be able to afford on a student's salary.”

Florence Dunn

“If we sold the Park Slope house, Kevin could afford to take a year off from work and spend more time with the kids and he could help me start my consulting business. We put the Park Slope house on the market in April 2004, and it sold in 10 seconds.”

Christine Mckeon

“The question is whether we could afford the million dollars now per annum without seeing some value for it and that's where the Guyana (Cricket) Board is calling for an evaluation of their performance.”

Chetram Singh

“We are not ready to give it up. The only thing is, we cannot afford it in this form.”

Sylvie Goulard