Aggressively Related Quotes

“As we enter 2001, it is imperative that Alltel have a flexible and responsive organization that can compete aggressively, ... We must continue to simplify and streamline Alltel's entire organization to maintain customer and earnings growth in an increasingly competitive environment.”

Scott Ford

“Policy makers signaled that they plan to ease aggressively,”

Mike Moran

“The American Red Cross is aggressively investigating allegations brought to us by concerned volunteers.”

Cheri Barry

“There are any number of countries in the region that are aggressively developing chemical and biological capabilities and there are a number that are seeking to, or in fact developing nuclear capabilities. The numbers of ballistic missiles have grown dramatically in the last three, four, five years,”

Donald Rumsfeld

“But finally, firms are in a position in which they can spend money aggressively.”

Yasukazu Shimizu

“They see this [erosion of deposit share] as a massive problem, and they're reacting aggressively to solve it. Because in the last analysis, if you try to figure out where the profits come from in banking ... deposits are the biggest source.”

Richard Bove

“The town staff and our consultants are working aggressively to complete the final preparations for the multiple, significant beach nourishment projects we will construct this winter,”

Peter Elwell

“Over the last nine months we have been aggressively implementing our North American turnaround plan.”

Rick Wagoner

“Analyzing anything negative that affects their score and aggressively disputing anything erroneous, unverifiable, or outdated.”

Marguerite Fischer

“I had confidence in the play. I thought it was an aggressive play. We have the line aggressively slanting down, showing run. I think it was a great call. They're expecting run, we throw the ball. If he made the catch and we score, it's a great call. I had all the confidence in that call.”

Damion Mcintosh