Aggressively Related Quotes

“As we aggressively drive improved visual computing capabilities to the personal computer, graphics solutions are an increasingly important part of mobile PC platforms.”

Craig Barrett

“Analyzing anything negative that affects their score and aggressively disputing anything erroneous, unverifiable, or outdated.”

Marguerite Fischer

“These recent seizures demonstrate that our officers are aggressively and effectively pursuing our traditional mission of narcotics interdiction.”

Susan Mitchell

“City outreach teams have been working aggressively to convince these individuals to accept services. There's no question that we're dealing with a population that is difficult to engage, but we're making some headway and some of them are accepting services.”

James Anderson

“It's what our customers are asking for. We do have some challenges competitively, and we are responding aggressively.”

Pat Gelsinger

“It isn't a one-team game. We are aggressively looking for market share.”

Patrick Crisp

“We look to increase our enrollment there, and our partners will be recruiting more aggressively in Malaysia, Vietnam and China.”

David Moore

“I had confidence in the play. I thought it was an aggressive play. We have the line aggressively slanting down, showing run. I think it was a great call. They're expecting run, we throw the ball. If he made the catch and we score, it's a great call. I had all the confidence in that call.”

Damion Mcintosh

“We aggressively recommend purchase of CPQ shares at current levels, ... Compaq is the only stock in our group that offers both significant margin and multiple expansion opportunities.”

Kevin Mccarthy

“In the second and third sets, I played a little bit more aggressively. I think that was the decisive thing. ... When I play well, it's important for the confidence.”

Rafael Nadal