Ago Related Quotes

“[Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian turned up ? minus his 'fro.] I cut it all off about two nights ago, ... I got sick of so much hair.”

Guy Sebastian

“My knee felt real good today. I think tonight showed I am back to where I was a year ago. I still have some stuff to work on, minor stuff, but after that I'm good to go.”

Courtney Brown

“The market thinks the U.S. economy will be stronger than they thought a few months ago. That's been the big surprise.”

David Goldman

“I gave them 90 days notice 90 days ago, so the board was aware of my intentions to move on,”

Alan Turner

“The irony is that it wasn't so long ago that South Africans were saying that the economy needs to grow at 3%. Now we're looking at 3,3% and saying it's dismal. It shows how the expectations have shifted.”

Colen Garrow

“I'm definitely closer than I was two months ago, ... I'd like to think I'm important to this team. I need to be here to accomplish our main goal.”

Keith Foulke

“This looks a lot like 15 years ago, when IBM was dominant and similar surveys showed a high tendency to switch from IBM to another vendor. The difficulty is that we're still waiting for the right kind of vendor to stand up and come forward.”

Rob Enderle

“Years ago there were historians who 'just sit and know;' that was the expression.”

Willa Skinner

“ARW intensity predictions are very encouraging. Five years ago, accurate intensity predictions weren't even possible.”

Chris Davis

“A year ago, [BRC] came to me and said, 'If we give you a lease, we're going to double your rent, at least,”

Hilly Kristal