Ago Related Quotes

“I remember it. But it's so long ago. It's so many (touchdowns) ago.”

Marvin Harrison

“[MIKE'S RICHMOND REMARKS:] My Tundra was just awesome, ... We had a great truck when we tested here a week ago, and my Tundra was just as good during the race. I could go anywhere I wanted on the track, without any problems. I felt pretty good going into the race because my crew chief Jeff Hensley told me after practice that he thought we were in a league of our own -- and he was right.”

Mike Skinner

“When asked for the main reasons I became Catholic seven years ago, I provide two: the Eucharist and the authority of the Church.”

Carl Olson

“There was a lot of pressure after what happened a year ago and after going undefeated in the conference. It was a good way to finish it off.”

Wes Moore

“I was surprised. You can tell it's a new board. Five years ago this would never have come up.”

Darrell Harvey

“We tried to bring up the issue of incidental two years ago, but (Alderman) Don Marr was steadfast that it?s good enough for California, and it?s good enough for us, but it?s obviously not.”

Rick Schweik

“We should have done it five years ago,”

Vijay Mallya

“Two years ago we gave up on Xerox. It was on the brink of bankruptcy or being taken over and, believe it or not, now it's on the path to profitability .”

Gene Marcial

“Two years ago we did an on-site survey of 1,700 homes. We had 25 percent that could have survived a wildfire. Now we're at 50 percent.”

Larry Southard

“A month ago we would've laid down in that spot. We've matured so much. When I looked into their eyes I knew we were going to win.”

Craig Swartout