Ago Related Quotes

“Yucca Mountain was formed 10 to 15 million years ago, and it's not a volcano; it's the result of volcanoes,”

Allen Benson

“It was only two years ago that U.S. companies decided to put the steering wheel on the same side that Japanese drive ... its only taken them 16 years to get to that difficult conclusion -- it will take a while to develop a market.”

Michael Smith

“We had a similar incident several years ago. We've gone through that process, which is very cumbersome.”

Paul Patton

“Years ago at this fair, I had a promoter tell me he could get me a young lady named Reba McEntire. I could've got her for $5,000, but we wanted big names that year, so we passed.”

Rick Vymlatil

“We were hit with this flood a year ago as a result of Hurricane Ivan and compared to what those folks went through we had nothing, of course we were devastated at the time, but compared to them, we just had nothing.”

Don Murray

“But for us it was three years ago. We still miss it. We love New York so much.”

Carter Bays

“She's been in double figures every game. She had four (points) tonight. Two years ago with these seniors, we spent the majority of preseason and even early into the year promoting defense, and it's really paid off.”

Doug Griffin

“A few months ago we were in a buoyant market where investors and analysts were willing to be more forgiving of flaws and more patient with profitability and success. Investors and analysts are no longer so patient.”

Caren Taylor

“I think there's a bit more urgency in his tone than we might have seen a month ago.”

Richard Rippe

“Selling homes this first quarter was certainly more difficult than one year ago.”

Robert Toll