Ago Related Quotes

“Who even seven days ago would have said that David Davis's campaign would be in such difficulties and David Cameron's would be so relatively healthy? That can change again equally quickly,”

Malcolm Rifkind

“No one questioned the investigation 10 years ago, but there are enough holes being discovered now and obvious questions that weren't posed to make me want the answers now.”

Lawrence Fisher

“Zola has been a friend of mine since our days together at Dallas Theological Seminary, several decades ago. I rejoice that he suffers no more, but grieve for his family.”

Hal Lindsey

“We went out to dinner and to see the 10 Tenors a couple of months ago with friends. It takes us buying a ticket, putting our money where our mouths are.”

Carol Green

“A couple of years ago, they started wrestling as a varsity sport. We also have all the students in one school now, so it's more crowded.”

Chris Baker

“Ten years ago, 1 percent of (counterfeit) bills were produced on digital equipment. These days, 56 percent are produced on digital equipment, and the technology is more accessible to the general population.”

Eric Zahren

“Four or five years ago, we really began focusing on Central New Jersey as one of our key markets.”

David Flaherty

“Mike is not the same person he was three months ago. He's more sure of himself. He knows this is a different role. He's 'leader Mike.' He's working hard and he's working smart.”

Woody Johnson

“The healing started a long time ago. We've buried a lot of it.”

Ceo Charles Fust

“Two years ago, we decided to quit having reunions, ... But Rex said, ‘Let's have one more.'”

Don Norman