Air Related Quotes

“The hardest thing is take-off. Once you have it in the air it's not so bad.”

Mark Phillips

“You can just look at our monthly fuel consumption reports, and the month the air show is held jumps out.”

Gary Quill

“[Also a songwriter (and guitarist), she's working on a solo CD.] It's kind of up in the air, ... I'm having a hard time; I want to make it special. Musical theatre is my first love. My writing is sort of folk-rock. I get compared to Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell though I'm not nearly as talented as either. Neither a straight-pop album nor a musical-theatre album seems the way to go. I want to take my music and orchestrate it in a kind of old fashioned style, and take some standards and 'popularize' them do a true crossover. I'm working on it.”

Laura Benanti

“Everybody knows that Honeywell has exposure to the air transport industry, ... I think to some extent that gets mischaracterized because it is offset by defense and space, but the adjust to air traffic (after the attacks) is real.”

Nicholas Heymann

“At higher altitudes, there isn't enough air for ionized molecules to combine and become neutral again, so the region stays ionized. That's what the ionosphere is.”

Professor Umran Inan

“When you throw on a Bob Marley record, it's nothing but lighters up in the air. All the thugs in the dance are just going calm down. I don't know no other artist that you can throw in the middle of a dance like that.”

Wyclef Jean

“Eugene is just a natural striker. He has everything you want: he's got speed, can win balls in the air, is good with both feet and knows how to create space. Oh, and he's a 4.0 student.”

Mike Mannino

“The match started before we went on air. And we wanted to show it in its entirety when more people could see it.”

Dave Nagle

“Sunday at noon through hyaline thin air, Sees down the street, And in the camera of my eye depicts, Row-houses and row-lives: Glass after glass, door after door the same.”

Karl Shapiro

“Most people don't air-condition their garage.”

Capt. Dominick Ferrante