Airline Related Quotes

“With the airlines reducing schedules, we've already seen that cascade back on airline manufacturers like Boeing. And that has cascading effects on hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors who supply parts and components to Boeing.”

Steven Wood

“It's going to reduce their cost structure and make it a more efficient airline.”

Ray Neidl

“The market for pilots and other airline professionals is soft, and that's an understatement. They played it down to the wire, but there is still hope for Delta, and we will see what happens next few months.”

Anthony Sabino

“Consumer loyalty is important and business travelers have to work hard to make airline loyalty [work] for both them and their employer.”

Daniel Baker

“For the longest time critics have claimed, and I am one of them, that the airline industry leans on their security guard companies to process people quickly. In cities with large populations, you'll see they move people faster, which means they are not opening bags and taking away things that could be a weapon.”

Charles Slepian

“Dubai could be a threat because it is building up its airport, and it has built up a strong airline, so it could be an aviation hub.”

Zafar Momin

“It was a very strong quarter. It may end up being the best profitability of any airline in North America.”

Cameron Doerksen

“The airline industry has been hit hard. Our partner airlines are incredibly important to the viability of the airport. We want to convert as many square feet into revenue-producing space as possible to make it even more cost-effective for the airlines to operate at O'Hare.”

Wendy Abrams

“This year we aren't growing the fleet but are working the planes harder. For the airline, everything is dependent on what happens to fuel.”

Peter Hill

“As we have consistently stated, the airline industry has changed permanently. Northwest must significantly lower its costs to compete with other carriers. Many of these are legacy carriers that have already used the bankruptcy process to achieve changes in their cost structures or newer, low-cost carriers which have much lower labor and operating costs than legacy carriers.”

Doug Steenland