Airline Related Quotes

“The only thing we don't include is the cost of your meals or airline tickets.”

Dick Wheeler

“I suppose retailers could use the airline model and try to pass along costs to consumers. The difference here is that people have plenty of other places to go shopping where they can save money.”

Wendy Liebmann

“Americans have an abiding belief in their ability to control reality by purely material means... airline insurance replaces the fear of death with the comforting prospect of cash.”

Cecil Beaton

“It's more difficult than ever to liquidate an airline. You have so many lenders of last resort who want to keep aircraft prices high.”

Darryl Jenkins

“We have a number of airlines that are at 5-percent load factors. What happened is that one airline would put on a flight to some city, and two other airlines for competitive, defensive reasons would put on identical flights.”

Neil Levin

“UPS now flies to more points in China than any other U.S. airline, freight or passenger. These new flights are part of our strategy to expand our service options, stay ahead of customer needs and solidify our position as the leader in the world's fastest growing market.”

David Abney

“The DOT reports have confirmed once again that Hawaiian is indeed the nation's preeminent airline when it comes to customer service and reliability.”

Mark Dunkerley

“There has not been a major airline which has gone through bankruptcy without terminating its pension plans.”

Douglas Elliott

“With the airlines reducing schedules, we've already seen that cascade back on airline manufacturers like Boeing, ... And that has cascading effects on hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors who supply parts and components to Boeing.”

Steven Wood

“For the longest time critics have claimed, and I am one of them, that the airline industry leans on their security guard companies to process people quickly. In cities with large populations, you'll see they move people faster, which means they are not opening bags and taking away things that could be a weapon.”

Charles Slepian