Airport Related Quotes

“We're excited by the proposition of BAX playing more of an aggressive role in developing Toledo Express airport as a freight hub.”

James Hartung

“Instead of having a meeting in some far-off or inaccessible location, you'll have a meeting at the airport hotel where everyone from different places around the country can fly into a central location, have the meeting and then fly home. If you have to meet several people in one city you can just base yourself at the airport hotel and have people come to see you instead.”

Chris Mcginnis

“She is being interviewed at Dulles International Airport. She arrived at approximately 7:00 this morning.”

Kelly Klundt

I don't do much driving - about 5,000-6,000 miles a year. And most of that is to the airport and to the racing circuits.

Allan Mcnish

“You want to hear about insanity? I was found running naked through the jungles in Mexico. At the Mexico City airport, I decided I was in the middle of a movie and walked out on the wing on takeoff. My body . . . my liver . . . okay, my brain . . . went.”

Dennis Hopper

Egyptian drumming happens to be a favorite of mine. It's a really simple instrument, but it's really difficult to play. You can take it anywhere with you - you can play it in your room, in an airport. It's very quiet, so you explore the quiet side.

Mickey Hart

“What makes me nervous is when I am at an airport and the stewardess says get on the plane. I say fuck you I'm getting in the plane, it's alot nicer in there.”

George Carlin

The TSA tears through your bags at the airport and the NSA watches what books you buy and what you say over the telephone and online. It doesn't feel like anything is private anymore.

Sandra Cisneros

Gough never pretended to perfection or to sainthood - well, hardly ever. Although when he set off the metal detector at airport security, he would blame his aura.

William Faulkner

I think we should start a movement, and everyone should just start wearing metal pants to the airport.

Ed Robertson