Alarm Related Quotes

And as to you Death, and you bitter hug of mortality, it is idle to try to alarm me.

Walt Whitman

“The alarm bells must have gone off,”

Andrew Moore

“I guess you saw that we're looking at a smoke alarm...but don't see any evidence of anything.”

Frank Culbertson

My day begins a little before 6 A.M. I never set an alarm clock.

David H. Murdock

Evelyn Waugh: How do you get your main pleasure in life, Sir William? Sir William Beveridge: I get mine trying to leave the world a better place than I found it. Waugh: I get mine spreading alarm and despondency and I get more satisfaction than you do.

Evelyn Waugh

The alarm must be sounded because it is the economic and social system of capitalism and imperialism that prevents the urgently needed full mobilization of the potential economic surplus and the attainment of rates of economic advancement that can be secured with its help.

Paul A. Baran

The beloved may be treacherous, greasy-headed and given to evil habits, or else it can be a man in his late forties who works too much, or it can be an alarm clock.

Kelly Link

“This is sort of nature's way of setting an alarm clock. (Growers) count the number of cold hours before it's time to wake up and bloom.”

Roger Duncan

“If we start to see a slide in distillates, it wouldn't be a cause for alarm, unless it fell below five-year averages.”

Chris Ovrebo

“"Success is definite when you wake up your alarm clock before it wakes you up." – Shahwan SETHI”

Muhammad Shahwan Tariq