Alive Related Quotes

Love is not enough to keep any of us alive.

Lauren Destefano

“It's a little more alive, a little more aggressive. The rhythm is stronger and a little bit faster.”

Airto Moreira

I would rather spend one night with Dracula dead than with my husband alive.

Frank Langella

Part of the beauty of fiction is that we come alive in a body that we don't own.

Colum Mccann

Drama is something that lets you know you're still alive.

Lorrie Morgan

My imagination is a kind of animal. So what I do is keep it alive

Haruki Murakami

“The signs are on the bus for a reason. And that's to keep kids alive.”

Dan Ferrelli

You're alive, you might as well be glad.

Neil Diamond

Remember, life is just a game and no one gets out alive

David Lee Roth

“I can't say I was surprised the worms were alive, because we spin them up to 2,000 G's in the lab without thinking about it. What surprised me was that they found the canisters at all.”

Catharine Conley