Allen Related Quotes

“It's flattering. Allen is a private person but I'm sure if ESPN made a proposal, he would look at it.”

Leon Rose

“[Allen, Virginia's junior senator, slapped his arm around Warner's shoulders and sang the governor's praises:] We may be in different parties, ... but it's great, actually, for Virginians to know there is that commonality there.”

Mark Warner

“I don't know who mentioned William Blake first, but Allen talked about his visions of Blake and I told him about my dreams of being Blake.”

Michael Mcclure

“Some of the shots [Allen] made were incredible. When he's got it rolling like that, he's the quickest shooter in the league. He was just draining it.”

Rick Adelman

“I don't want to hear about Allen and Chris had X amount of points. We have to defend. We've been talking about (them) scoring all year, and we still never defend.”

Maurice Cheeks

“The makeup of the lineup doesn't really make that much of a difference other than where you put Allen Craig. He's been driving in the most runs and getting on base the most. Unfortunately he can't hit one and three.”

Dave Esquer

“He [Allen] was examined here and taken somewhere else to be examined.”

Scott Skiles

“[The lunch also brought the elusive Allen Franklin, retired Southern Co. CEO, back to the city from his farm in LaGrange.] I grew up on a dirt road. Worked hard all my life. And ended up back on a dirt road, ... I haven't gained anything, and I haven't lost anything.”

Shirley Franklin

“Allen received the justice he deserved for the murders he committed. Allen deserves capital punishment because he was already serving a life sentence for murder when he masterminded the murders of three innocent young people and conspired to attack the heart of our criminal justice system.”

Ward Campbell

“It seemed like every possession the ball was in Allen Iverson's hands and they were just creating with Chris Webber. It was a two-man game.”

Drew Gooden