Allen Related Quotes

“[The lunch also brought the elusive Allen Franklin, retired Southern Co. CEO, back to the city from his farm in LaGrange.] I grew up on a dirt road. Worked hard all my life. And ended up back on a dirt road, ... I haven't gained anything, and I haven't lost anything.”

Shirley Franklin

“We have to stop (Allen) in 2006 so he never gets to 2008.”

Steve Jarding

“[Discussions of a contract extension for All-Star guard Ray Allen have been pleasant. They just haven't been productive. At least not in terms of getting Allen closer to signing an extension with the Sonics.] Everything has been very amicable, ... There just hasn't been any movement, and movement is me signing a contract.”

Ray Allen

“Allen deserves capital punishment because he was already serving a life sentence for murder when he masterminded the murders of three innocent young people and conspired to attack the heart of our criminal justice system.”

Ward Campbell

“It was like Burns and Allen, and any twosome really. They fed off each other with physical stuff and vocal.”

Sherwood Schwartz

“Allen proves as well as anyone else has ever proven that if you've got game and you leave it all out there, you pick up the admiration of people around the world. And we love to see that happening. Because that's what shows our game at its best, sort of the teamwork, what it takes to play at the level and what he's willing to put up with in terms of injuries to continue to excel at this level.”

David Stern

“Along with A.I. (Allen Iverson) and Tony Parker, he's probably the fastest guy in the league with the ball.”

Keyon Dooling

“Allen and Kyle are doing things on the court as far as scoring. I look forward to doing the little things that are going to change the game. I always tell myself to make a big play and make something happen. When the opportunity presents itself, you try to take advantage of it.”

Andre Iguodala

“(Downey)'s exciting to watch, much like an Allen Iverson is. We've to make sure we don't watch him, we guard him. James White, we know about because he played at Florida. He has a propensity and a knack for getting open and getting shots.”

Dave Odom

“I don't know how the courts permitted this, ... especially in light of a judge not allowing Mr. Allen to see his own children.”

Mia Farrow