Allowed Related Quotes

“It has been since 1994 that a single-car team owner has won a championship. If we allowed the current trend to keep going, down the road 10 years we might be saying that it has been since 2005 than a car owner with two teams has won a title.”

Mike Helton

“The thing that touched me deeply, is that the officer really made a difference and allowed me to get to her five minutes earlier than I would normally.”

Dr. Michael Akhiyat

“The question is, have you simply allowed your ship to rise along with a rising tide and it's not the value actually provided. Certainly the builders and the energy companies would seem to fit that.”

Patrick Mcgurn

“There's no question many of our members all across the state have been extremely disappointed in this administration. He's allowed important state services to deteriorate due to lack of funding and lack of appropriate staffing. He's failed to reform our state's broken tax system.”

Anders Lindall

“If Uribe's allowed to run he's in an extremely strong position, but it's not necessarily a foregone conclusion.”

Michael Shifter

“The embrace of plot has allowed something like the Oprah book club phenomenon to emerge.”

Scott Turow

“A diplomat these days in nothing, but a head waiter who is allowed to sit down occasionally.”

Peter Ustinov

“.Then you must ensure that all providers are allowed to operate on a level playing field.”

Dwight Nelson

“We are grateful to the people that they have not allowed this situation to take a communal turn.”

Yashpal Singh

“We allowed one mistake to compound into another. We were a step slow or maybe we had our heads down because we couldn't seem to make a shot.”

Andy Kennedy