Almost Related Quotes

In poetry everything which must be said is almost impossible to say well.

Paul Valery

“He's a great young player. He can almost do anything on the court. I can't tell you how impressed I am at how he's played.”

Rick Carlisle

“I'm almost convinced that dieting is totally useless.”

Cris Slentz

“C'mon Jesus, we're almost at the top of the hill. But when I think about what they went through, how much they walked, I don't mind walking.”

Grace King

[On reading:] It is almost the only inexhaustible pleasure.

Annie French Hector

“Just when you think you're almost out of the woods, Wall Street has a way of changing the subject. The focus now is, how much will the economy slow and how much of a negative effect will that have on earnings.”

Alec Young

Are you always this honest?""Almost never

Dorothy Koomson

It almost made me long for the flying pig. --Percy

Rick Riordan

“We spend almost six months out of the year together. As with any coach/player relationship, we do butt heads, but he's a great guy and is so helpful that it makes spending so much time together easy.”

Art Linares

“We've done really well against Dallas. That would be a great match-up. Almost every game goes to overtime.”

Ron Wilson