Almost Related Quotes

“As a political leader, he is almost personally the dominant figure in every blunder that we have gotten into in the last generation,”

Ehud Barak

Almost anything that you pay close, direct attention to becomes interesting.

David Foster Wallace

“It's quite fitting for him to almost be the guardian down there, ... Michael was a very well-liked individual who did a lot for Old Town, especially the redevelopment of old buildings and in his generosity of helping the homeless.”

Alan Lowe

In total acceptance, almost everything becomes a revelation.

Frederick Sommer

“He almost adds a Chet-like sound to it,”

Chet Baker

An elephant is almost a unicorn!

Laura C Goodwin

We almost manage to forget that things happen that we don't anticipate.

Anna Quindlen

“Almost everything can be tolerated - as long as we don’t know what we want.”

Vikrant Parsai

Almost any movie, no matter how original, is borrowing from some other movies.

Oren Peli

“We still have almost 20 percent of production offline on the Gulf Coast. Because of that the whole market is being driven by what people think demand is going to do. And that essentially translates into weather.”

Andrew Melnykovych