Along Related Quotes

“That's the great part about this team. Not only do we all get along so great, but you can't shut just one or two of us down. There's always somebody ready to step up.”

Eric Meyer

“The win shows what I knew all along - that this team is a national contender.”

Ryler Deheart

“Because you remember Meredith was walking along the highway there and somebody shot him.”

Charles Phillips

“Neither side, and I have said this all along, wants to go through the horror of revisiting this issue. We believe that she needs security. We believe that she needs mental health care and she needs to be in a location that addresses both.”

George Parnham

“It's good to see the businesses doing so well and everything in South Tampa progressing along, but we do have to look at the problems that are being created and get them fixed.”

Anita Ramirez

“There seem to be efforts coming from Lebanese territory to deliberately create instability along the Blue Line,”

Kofi Annan

“It was a flat bike on a four-lane freeway along the waterfront and we worked well in a loose cover with quite a big group.”

Hamish Carter

“The diplomatic track is alive and well, and I expect to see some developments along that track in the very near future,”

Colin Powell

“If we do a new plant, we would consider Michigan, along with other states.”

Dennis Cuneo

“I hear him now making corrections to the other guys, ... Those are steps you have to take along the way. He holds them to their jobs and responsibilities.”

Marvin Lewis