America Related Quotes

Emotional stability has not been America's gift to the world.

Michael Leunig

“With the flat tax, we're all on a level playing field, just as it should be in the United States of America”

Dan Quayle

To restore America we need less Marx and more Madison.

Glenn Beck

The people of America are tired of being misled.

Rush Limbaugh

America rules the world - by force.

Harry Browne

Don't disparage America's military.

Eric Bolling

In England, I was a Cockney actor. In America, I was an actor.

Michael Caine

It's certainly not too late to change to the winning side. But you know, you also have the freedom to stay just where you are. That's what it means to be an American. That's the miracle of America. Freedom to believe means the freedom to believe the wrong thing, after all. Just as freedom of speech gives you the right to stay silent.

Neil Gaiman

“No publisher in America improved a paper so quickly on so grand a scale, took a paper that was marginal in qualities and brought it to excellence as Otis Chandler did.”

David Halberstam

“Americans, indeed all free men, remember that in the final choice a soldier's pack is not so heavy a burden as a prisoner's chains”

Dwight David Eisenhower