American Related Quotes

“Over the past two years, New Jersey American Water has taken aggressive steps to control our operating and maintenance expenses while being on the forefront of water treatment and technology. We have also invested millions of dollars in our infrastructure and treatment plants, including the installation of the State's largest ground mounted solar system to reduce our energy costs.”

Walter Lynch

I'm an American. I'm not an African-American; I'm an American.


“This legislation would restore American confidence in our meat industry by setting a uniform national standard. It sends the right message to consumers here in the United States and around the world that our meat industry is serious about ensuring the health and well being of all consumers.”

Daniel Akaka

The American dream is more about opportunity than anything else.

Nate Parker

There's nothing in the American dream about character. It's a serious flaw.

Mike Nichols

“To be honest I've worked with a few American actors now and I was looking forward to that you know, coming up in my career thinking "Yeah I'd like to work with some Americans because they seem to be very, very comfortable with improvisation. But that has not been my experience at all. They have to have things absolutely set.”

Robert Carlyle

“I like American women. They do things sexually Russian girls never dream of doing - like showering.”

Yakov Smirnoff

Pop art is the American Dream, optimistic, generous, and naive!

Robert Indiana

“I was actually hoping he would go to the American League so it would alleviate all that stuff about whether he can catch or not. We all know Mike can still hit. If he's going to play there, he must feel he can still catch a lot.”

Cliff Floyd

“You stuff somebody into the American dream, and it becomes a prison.”

Craig Thomas