American Related Quotes

“If this attack is launched soon, ... the devastation to the American economy alone could easily far exceed that of the September 11 attacks and could be equivalent to the detonation of a small nuclear device on American soil.”

Christopher Brown

“Over the past half century, as American poetry's specialist audience has steadily expanded, its general readership has declined. Even if great poetry continues to be written, it has retreated from the center of literary life. Though supported by a loyal coterie, poetry has lost the confidence that it speaks to and for the general culture.”

Dana Gioia

Together we can save American lives, American jobs, and American futures.

Donald Trump

Every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar.

Barack Obama

I'm going to take a series of actions on day one to protect American workers.

Donald Trump

“appeal tonight directly to every American.”

Alan Keyes

“I am a strong advocate of the American workforce. But if there is a market somewhere we can penetrate, maybe it makes sense to make some of those products in or close to that market.”

Mike Parilla

“The American Lung Association nationally actually gives us a D grade for overall particulate matter just because of those two days.”

Claudia Clement

“[The story of those Hitlers is told in a new documentary,] The Last of the Hitlers, ... American Morning.”

David Gardner