American Dream Related Quotes

I feel that The American Dream is this fallacy that you come to the United States and win lotto. That's a disservice to The American Dream because the American Dream is worth striving for. And it's not easy.

James Gray

I am proud to stand with hardworking families all over Toledo, Ohio and America who should have the same chance that I did to share in the American dream, which should be big enough for everybody.

Hillary Clinton

The reason American cars don't sell anymore is that they have forgotten how to design the American Dream. What does it matter if you buy a car today or six months from now, because cars are not beautiful. That's why the American auto industry is in trouble: no design, no desire.

Karl Lagerfeld

Get off your bottom and be the stand, and do the work you can to pursue the American Dream for yourself, and help others to do the same.

David Pratt

The national Democratic leadership is going so far left, they've left America. Don't let them bury the American dream in their graveyard of gloom and envy.

Ronald Reagan

The American dream. Those three short, simple words encompass the hopes and aspirations of all the peoples on earth. The words are not only short and simple. They are also fragile.

Ross Perot

“Part of the American dream is to own your own property - something no one can take from you.”

Henry Bonilla

Part of the American dream is to live long and die young.

Edgar Friedenberg

When the stock market crash, a lot of people realized that the American dream was not all it was cracked up to be. They'd been living for this thing and it was kind of a façade. It wasn't real.

Dominic Balli

“I feel that I am a citizen of the American dream and that the revolutionary struggle of which I am a part is a struggle against the American nightmare.”

Eldridge Cleaver