Analysis Related Quotes

“I think we need a full analysis of both options. I?m arguing both be equally analyzed before a decision be reached.”

Colin Butler

“Some foreigner organizations said over 90 percent software used in China are pirated, but from the above analysis we can see this is not true in reality since the common software only accounts for one-third of China's software industry.”

Yan Xiaohong

“Typically within two weeks, we're done with the analysis.”

Kerry Bailey

“It's like predicting the market. You like to see someone else's analysis of what might happen.”

Frank Lesh

“Each client presents specific financial details that require unique analysis. Some of the important factors in deciding whether to participate include current wealth at risk in the company's deferred compensation plan-we like to see less than 30 percent; investment options within the deferred compensation plan-the more variety and quality, the more likely we are to recommend; business maturity and stability of the company in question; and the amount of other wealth the client has that's susceptible to the same company.”

Rod Coleman

“With this size accident you would expect a factual report in about three months ... and an analysis in nine to 12 months - it depends what they find.”

Peter Gibson

“I treated this as a public health emergency, ... A drug that had an 8-to-1 vote in favor of approval and that could any day be approved by the FDA to be used by any of 18 million Americans with type 2 diabetes was, by my analysis, doubling of risk of serious irrevocable cardiovascular events like death, heart attacks and stroke. I dropped everything.”

Steven Nissen

“It is a digital enhancer for the MRI, CT and ultra sound. It allows better analysis for both technicians and physicians and also allows us to e-mail slides to other physicians or if a radiologist is not on duty at the time the test is performed.”

Connie Schroeder

“I'm one of five individuals who paid to have a legal analysis of the bill done, and that analysis came back and said it is not constitutional.”

William Boyd

“The conceptual map that we created was a first cut and by no means was an end result. Further analysis is needed. However, the intent is to affect no property rights, no density rights, and we propose no down-zoning.”

Rob Kelly