Anchor Related Quotes

The anchor holds in spite of the storm

Ray Boltz

The anchor in our world today is freedom, holding us steady in times of change, a symbol of hope to all the world.

George H. W. Bush

As always, Blay was the anchor who kept him from being swept away.

J.r. Ward

A babe is a mother's anchor.

Henry Ward Beecher

There's a rumor that NBC is going to have Tom Brokaw fill in temporarily as the NBC News anchor. When asked why, a network spokesperson said, 'Because the only other NBC person we have is Bill Cosby.'

Conan O'brien

I worked in three local news markets and in every single one of them, they said: 'You're a lousy anchor. We would love to renew your contract and have you be our lead reporter here, but we're not going to have you anchor.'

Elizabeth Vargas

Trust means you anchor your heart in the reality of God's awareness of your situation.

James Macdonald

The main job requirement for a network-news anchor is thinking it's the only important job in the world. This is a field where solemn gravitas isn't a drawback; it's the whole point.

Rob Sheffield

The necklace is the anchor; it's the classification of jewelry that says what the whole idea is about.

Robert Lee Morris

With Singapore's partnership, the United States in engaging more deeply across South-east Asia and Asean, which is central to the region's peace and prosperity. Singapore is an anchor for the US presence in the region, which is a foundation of stability and peace.

Barack Obama