Anderson Related Quotes

Anderson [Cooper], I guess the question I have is why can't CNN cover Obamacare, and ISIS, and radical Islamic terrorism?

Anderson Cooper

“Tom Anderson is a very moderate republican, and that's one reason why Tom is safe where he's at.”

Carrie Wadlinger

“The driver, Brittany Anderson, was pronounced dead at the scene by Liberty County Justice of the Peace, Burl Thomas.”

Captain Darrel Broussard

“There are statements to federal investigators, sworn testimony, a secret recording of Greg Anderson and on-the-record interviews, and the gist of our story is all supported by material that we can point to the sources on. It's all going in one direction. There's not any equivocation on this that's compelling or believable. We also have relied on unnamed sources who have given us a story that's very consistent with what the public record says about Bonds and steroid use.”

Lance Williams

There are movies that I love tonally, that I would love to emulate. Anything from Wes Anderson or the Coen brothers is right in my wheelhouse, as something that I would aspire to. I love that kind of indie, fun, colorful, funny, sweet, heartfelt but dark film.

Sam Huntington

“There was supposed to be a pick but Rashad Anderson said Ray pushed him and we bumped and lost the ball.”

Marcus Williams

My favorite fighter is Anderson Silva.

Ryan Guzman

I dont think Paul Thomas Anderson has a standard approach to anything.

Katherine Waterston

I watched Anderson Cooper 360 for a year before I realized that the second hour was a repeat of the first. I just thought his reporting seemed familiar.

Andy Kindler

I told our guys they must not have cable because Antoine Walker knows how to play, Derek Anderson can play, Shandon Anderson knows how to play, and Gary Payton knows how play.

Shaquille O'neal