Andy Related Quotes

At home, the radio was a big source and the classic radio programs we would listen to like Amos and Andy and whatever other ones there were.

Paul Smith

“The addition of such recognized talent as Andy and Rob to the deep pool of trading talent we've been steadily building over the past two years further solidifies BAS' role as a leading player in equity trading. BAS' commitment to providing clients with world-class trading and sales trading service has enabled us to achieve a top five rank in both Listed and Nasdaq market share. We're confident these additions will help us continue that upward trajectory.”

Ciaran O'kelly

I've been told that some guy wrote something like, 'Andy Serkis does everything, animators do nothing.' Of course I never in a million years said that, wouldn't ever say that. It's not within my understanding of filmmaking to ever say anything like that.

Andy Serkis

One of my best friends, Stephen Sprouse, Bill Dugan, and I worked designing clothes, doing every conceivable thing. New York was a really intoxicating period for me, literally and figuratively. There was a lot of overlap with Andy Warhol, Studio 54, and Halston.

Dennis Christopher

Sometimes the presence of a camera is like opening a door, because many people want what Andy Warhol called "15 minutes of fame." But prostitutes don't want that.

Michael Glawogger

I mean the fun part about when Andy Bernard sings on The Office is he usually embellishes the songs in fun, stupid ways. That's just something that I do in life, like in the shower or whatever. So a lot of that stuff is pretty spontaneous.

Ed Helms

The great thing about "Shoot 'Em Up, Baby" is that it's the first song that we went and recorded [with Andy Kim].

Kevin Drew

I do feel a kinship for sure. I admire those guys who've won hat-tricks like Andy, and obviously Kelly who's won seven, that's amazing stuff. I think the average surfer thinks it's amazing. The guys who win our championships, they're so amazing.

Mark Occhilupo

“Andy is going to be very motivated to finish it off. I feel good about our chances.”

Patrick Mcenroe

“I didn't know Andy Kennedy. There are a lot of folks who just like their names in the newspaper and want to be perceived as being part of the search for their own reasons. We wanted to see how wide a net we could cast, then start filtering out the ones who didn't fit.”

Pete Boone