Animals Related Quotes

Contentment is rare among men as it is natural among animals

Will Durant

“How can the host nation of the Olympics be seen allowing animals to be treated in this terrible way?”

Paul Mccartney

“We really recognize that level of commitment. Plus, these animals are really, really special.”

Steve Ricker

Im very passionate about animals.

Emma Caulfield

“The animal was lying down and then wandered off. Van Cortlandt Park is home to many wild animals, including deer and turkey, and it is not altogether unusual to spot a coyote.”

Warner Johnston

A million years of evolution, Eric said bitterly, and what are we? Animals.

Sylvia Plath

“These are animals that have been trained to kill. This is a blood sport.”

Margo Castorena

I have yet to see one completely unspoiled star, except for the animals - like Lassie.

Edith Head

“When I go home, I play with my baby dolls and strollers and stuffed animals, pretend like they're real dogs.”

Dakota Fanning

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

Sigmund Freud