Anne Related Quotes

“When Mark Fields and Anne Stevens took over it was clear the baton had been passed to another generation.”

Maryann Keller

“For me, it was a revelation. There, was revealed a completely different Anne to the child that I had lost. I had no idea of the depths of her thoughts and feelings.”

Otto Frank

“I guess I have good genes. Ad my youngest sister (fourth-grader Anne) plays a little bit of everything -- soccer, basketball, swimming volleyball. She's probably going to be better than all of us.”

Cory Thomasson

“the conversion of Anne Frank into usable goods.”

Anne Frank

“The events of the Holocaust viewed through the eyes of Anne Frank are a unique and damming testament to the dreadful atrocities of that period of our history,”

Charles Kennedy

“Anne is an exceptionally focused and proven leader in this industry.”

Mark Fields

“Anne, our commander in chief, ... has it blocked out in three three-year segments, almost like 'Star Wars.' In a very brilliant way, Anne is telling the entire saga of 'CSI: Miami' backwards.”

David Caruso

“Activity in this category has always played an important role at CBS Radio stations. Having Anne-Marie on board creates an immediate efficiency and expands what we can offer our clients. We are in an ideal position as the elections heat up in California.”

Lisa Decker

“I think I had the best chemistry with Ellen that I had with anybody. Anne is a wonderful director and wrote a beautiful project for us. We really believed in it.”

Sharon Stone

“The Anne Frank Story,?a new exhibit at Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, ?gives you a lot of background about what was going on during the time she was writing in her diary while in hiding.”

Kathy Silvestri