Anne Related Quotes

“I am not the Anne Bancroft interpretation, ... I'm back to doing what I do. Flamboyant, cynical and foul-mouthed, and drinks and smokes and says 'Go (expletive) in your shoes.' Loved it.”

Shirley Maclaine

“I guess I have good genes. Ad my youngest sister (fourth-grader Anne) plays a little bit of everything -- soccer, basketball, swimming volleyball. She's probably going to be better than all of us.”

Cory Thomasson

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank

“Anne takes three years, ... with all these terrific brush strokes, to bring you back to what appears to be the source of that pain, the source of that conflict. It appears to be this broken family and the prodigal son, these things he can't really embrace because they're not his. And that appears to be what the source of all this is.”

David Caruso

“The Anne Frank Story,?a new exhibit at Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, ?gives you a lot of background about what was going on during the time she was writing in her diary while in hiding.”

Kathy Silvestri

“Anne, our commander in chief, ... has it blocked out in three three-year segments, almost like 'Star Wars.' In a very brilliant way, Anne is telling the entire saga of 'CSI: Miami' backwards.”

David Caruso

“The schooner Anne and Reuben was used to transport granite from Maine, and some of that helped build the base for the Statue of Liberty.”

Clayton Allen

“Anne is always a person who leads by example in training and I think now she has results in her races.”

David Marsh

“Anne Arundel County is an important customer relationship for TSPI for numerous reasons, including the county's size, population growth, central location between Baltimore and Washington, and that it is home to our Pelican Mobile offices and corporate headquarters. We are proud to play our part to support Anne Arundel County's relentless commitment to provide its nearly 500,000 residents with a safe environment to live and work.”

Charley Wall

“I think Anne is just perfect (for this job).”

David Allen