Anti Related Quotes

“This $50 note is beautifully designed and includes important anti-counterfeiting features, ... is a job that's never finished.”

Mark Olson

“The anti-state nature of the adjustment policies, which were applied more than a quarter century ago, and a reduction in public incomes, especially in the Central Government, have weakened the state?s ability to do its job.”

Ciska Raventós

“I can only guess that this is one of those sort of anti-Microsoft sentiment things that's going on here.”

Andrew Lochart

“(Owners) feel that if we impose an anti-smoking ordinance within a very short time, they definitely would face a loss of business and eventually even closure of some of their establishments.”

York Chow

“She has been an integral part of the most anti-environmental administration we've ever seen.”

Elise Jones

“Either they're going to get on the [anti-doping] page internationally or they're not. And it appears they are not.”

Dick Pound

“He made it appear that the re-election of this person was particularly helpful for the nation's anti-cancer effort.”

Charles Tiefer

“Considering we always wanted to make something that was very anti-establishment, the fact is, the film's been seen by a lot of people.”

Alex Winter

“Bono said he is involved in things like this (anti-AIDS campaigns) and has sought to learn more about the question of AIDS in Brazil.”

Gilberto Gil

“ECT works in many patients in which anti-depressants don't work, ... ECT works faster than anti-depressants, and after 40 years we still don't know exactly how it works.”

Charles Nemeroff