Anyway Related Quotes

I left school at 17 and was a star by the time I was 18 - in certain parts of the world anyway.

George Michael

“ANYWAY, by the time you read this sentence, the song I am referring to will be ten thousand years old.”

Chuck Klosterman

Impulsively, I lean forward and kiss him, stopping his word. This is probably overdue anyway since he's right, we are supposed to be madly in love.

Suzanne Collins

Before I knew you, I thought brave was not being afraid. You've taught me that bravery is being terrified and doing it anyway.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Just in the real world I think women are the ones that have all the power anyway.

Rush Limbaugh

“The way I see it, everyone has to go through me anyway, so it doesn't matter what order that happens in. I don't care. Draws never seem to go my way anyway, so it doesn't really matter.”

Danny Coyne

Being brave doesn't mean never being afraid, you know. It means going for it anyway because you know it's the right thing to do.

Aimee Carter

“We'd planned on Tim doing both anyway in certain situations.”

Mike Bellotti

Since it could be done what was the use of doing it, and anyway you always have to stop doing something sometime.

Gertrude Stein

“We knew we couldn't launch more than 20 airports anyway in a year.”

Steven Brill