Approve Related Quotes

“It is more prudent to wait to see if voters are going to approve the tax. If they don't, then this is a moot point. We then could use the money where the need is more important.”

Marty Donovan

“George Ryan didn't approve any one of these contracts and leases until he got an actual recommendation from the professional people in the secretary of state's office.”

Dan Webb

Hillary Clinton wants to approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership; that deal will be a disaster for North Carolina, for every state. Your state.

Donald Trump

Anger causes us often to condemn in one what we approve in another.

Pasquier Quesnel

“I don't approve of sunbathing, and it's bad for you.”

David Attenborough

“Counsel for both the DNC and Clinton/Gore used those (FEC) guidelines to approve every ad to ensure strict compliance with the law. We are hopeful that once the Department has reviewed this matter fully, it will conclude that these ads were proper.”

Charles Ruff

Judicial excellence means that a Supreme Court justice must have a sense of the values from which our core of our political- economic system goes. In other words, we should not approve any nominee whose extreme judicial philosophy would undermine rights and liberties relied upon by all Americans.

Herb Kohl

It might be a bad thing, not to know what's going on in the world. I can't say I really approve of it.

Sharon Olds

“Congress cannot approve an illegal program when so many questions remain unanswered.”

Caroline Fredrickson

Poets and painters have the power to dare, I mean to dare to do whatever they may approve of...