Aquatic Related Quotes

“It is not at all far fetched to be concerned about zebra mussels in Montana. Zebra mussels are aquatic hitchhikers. They can survive long periods of time as larvae found in residual water in a boat, or as adults attached to the boat. Once they infest a system, there is no feasible alternative to stop their progress.”

Mike Koopal

“LEVIATHAN, n. An enormous aquatic animal mentioned by Job. Some suppose it to have been the whale, but that distinguished ichthyologer, Dr. Jordan, of Stanford University, maintains with considerable heat that it was a species of gigantic Tadpole (_Thaddeus Polandensis_) or Polliwig --_Maria pseudo-hirsuta_. For an exhaustive description and history of the Tadpole consult the famous monograph of Jane Potter, _Thaddeus of Warsaw_.”

Ambrose Bierce

“We've virtually outgrown every aquatic facility in the country. This is absolutely a facility that we would be anxious to use.”

Chuck Wielgus