Arabia Related Quotes

“If you gave oil companies a choice between the tar sands in Canada or oil in Saudi Arabia, which do you think they'd choose?”

Yasser Elguindi

“that touch internally within Saudi Arabia.”

Evan Bayh

“We were extremely relieved to win their release and get them out of Saudi Arabia, ... We worked ceaselessly for their return.”

Steve Atkins

“[The US] ensured that Saudi Arabia, in its recent accession to the WTO, has taken on all rights and obligations with respect to all WTO members, including Israel.”

Christin Baker

“But Saudi Arabia and Kuwait offer, I think, the best opportunities in the gas sector.”

Archie Dunham

“He could have gone back to Saudi Arabia, but he's a madman, he wanted to prove that he's the hero.”

Mustafa Mahmoud

“Insofar as I am aware, we have gotten everything from Saudi Arabia that we have asked them to do. I have been in touch with the Saudi leadership, and there is no question they are our friends.”

Donald Rumsfeld

“Saudi Arabia is taking a Chinese wife. The Saudis are not divorcing us. In Islam, you can have more than one wife and they can manage that.”

Chas Freeman

“It gives the dollar a competitor. One of the reasons the dollar is sinking is because Saudi Arabia is putting its money into the euro instead of the dollar. It gives people an alternative.”

David Gillette

“We are not interested in becoming the Saudi Arabia of ethanol. It's not our strategy because it doesn't produce results. As a large producer and user, I need to have other big buyers and sellers in the international market if ethanol is to become a commodity, which is our real goal.”

Eduardo Carvalho