Architecture Related Quotes

“Tradition doesn't make for fashion. What matters is the architecture of the garment and that architecture has to be international.”

Chantal Rousseau

I could have been an architect, but I don't think I'd have been very happy. Nearly all modern architecture is a silly game as far as I can see.

Roger Waters

“We want to encourage third-party developers who will take the architecture and modify the design to suit specific markets.”

Fadi Azhari

“To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it.”

Daniel Libeskind

When you found a company, you have the original vision, you make all the original decisions, you know every employee, you kind of know every aspect of the product architecture and its limitations.

Ben Horowitz

In addressing a task, one almost always has several possible options, sometimes only a few, and they may all be practical and functional. But they lack the aesthetic aspect that raises it to architecture.

Arne Jacobsen

I don't see that any buildings should be excluded from the term architecture, as long as they are done properly.

Arne Jacobsen

Consider the momentous event in architecture when the wall parted and the column became.

Louis Kahn

I went to art school in Chicago for a year at Columbia College. I had this whole master plan of getting into sustainable development and green architecture and construction, so I wanted to go to business school and then get my masters in construction and development.

Nico Tortorella

If you're inclined to dismiss L.A. as a place of unrelenting vapidity and generic 1980s architecture, then you're doing yourself and L.A. a huge disservice, and you're just not looking hard enough.