Area Related Quotes

“He's as good as anybody who focuses solely on one area, ... I'd put him head to head with any general manager, with any offensive coordinator or offensive-minded head coach, defensive-minded head coach or defensive coordinator.”

Eric Mangini

“As good as our draw area is it's pretty unusual to have three Division I college kids.”

Dave Froelich

“Gangs make it obvious. They want you to know they are there, that this is their area.”

Sgt. Gary Kemper

“Lincoln County has already got industrial parks in place. It's going to be a great area for tourism with all the established historical things that are here, such as the fort and the Whitley House.”

Arlen Sanders

“We believe his first area of focus will be the international operations, particularly Great Britain.”

Caroline Levy

“For several years, builders put just a vent fan in a wet area, such as a bathroom.”

Steve Walker

“We use it at the border at Johnstown and in the St. Lawrence area. And we use it for public demonstrations. There's only one like this in the district.”

Greg Patterson

“We have items donated from all over the area. We have a wide range of things including knives, tires, gift certificates, bicycles and tons of toys.”

Connie Thomason

“I think we've stabilized, and we're working towards improving in that area. We shored up some areas where we've known where we are lacking.”

Craig Lieder

“In the early '70's, Keith and I were in a band called Canyon that played around the area, in places like the Jolly Ox. We met Randy, and one Monday night we got together, sang a few songs and I think we all knew we had something special brewing. By Wednesday, I had borrowed a bass guitar and we had a gig at this new club in Chattanooga, Yesterday's, and our first show was Thursday night. We knew 20 songs. When I think back on it, I'm still amazed.”

Rick Williams