Area Related Quotes

“I probably had the strongest area of the lake and I understood it better than the other guys. That was why I won.”

Luke Clausen

“The loitering thing is brand new for Georgia, ... The moment they stop and stay in that area and don't move, they're in violation.”

Steve Brown

“On the upside, the $1.1760-70 area represents the initial target and additional resistance is seen in the $1.1800 area.”

Marc Ostwald

“The system wasn't designed so all motorists in the area could ride around on a full tank of gas.”

Richard Cobb

“Today's Bay Area real estate market has all the characteristics of a relatively normal balanced market. We knew the year-ago numbers were unsustainably strong. Right now it looks like current trends will last well into 2006, with strong, but not record-breaking sales, and continued appreciation.”

Marshall Prentice

“We have more black births than any other area of the state.”

Carol Brady

“It's a very low-lying area, ... There's a very huge tidal fluctuation here on a normal tide and, with a storm tide on top of that, most of the facilities are going to be under water that are on the waterfront.”

Larry Greene

“Historically, in the recruitment area, we have done very little. We are new to the game compared to other institutions.”

Derek Hall

“I think the scope is great to move down to the lows of the $525 area before building again for another move up.”

Darren Heathcote

“Most storm damage is usually concentrated in one area, but with this wind storm, we had debris all over the entire length of the line. The damage and disruption was widespread.”

Dan Brucker