Areas Related Quotes

“The preliminary plan ... was to add four to five rows in those door areas, about 60 to 70 seats in each corner. We've got to see about the viability of that. We still have to have an 8-foot clearance for fans to walk out and it has to be approved by the fire marshal.”

Mike Hamilton

“Rural areas are not an attractive market for a lot of the big companies.”

Chad Anderson

“The housing market is likely to do less well, but that happens as resources are shifting back to areas where there's more remuneration -- such as manufacturing and services. That's how the system works -- rising rates are a reflection of how the economy is going to do.”

Kevin Logan

“FEMA is already looking to areas other than where the disaster started. They call it free money, and they are giving it to their friends.”

Charles Steele

“I implore people to understand that although this storm is not an immediate threat to any of the inland areas of the state, it is definitely a hazard for marine interests along the coast,”

Craig Fugate

“We're looking to connect those areas as part of a green mosaic from Lake Michigan through North Hammond.”

Ronald Novak

“My theories are in line with Coach Hall. If you can win two of the three key areas of the game then your odds are good to win.”

Vinnie Kirkpatrick

“Other areas are trying to create community development corporations to emulate the exact same things POWER CDC is doing. They've definitely got everyone's respect.”

Carl Brewer

“We think, in some areas, she provided erroneous testimony that is in disagreement with the president's testimony, and particularly in specific areas having to do with the grand jury,”

Gregory Craig

“As rural areas benefit from the central government's new drive to build a 'new socialist countryside' during the 11th Five-Year Plan period (2006-10), farmers' income will continue to grow this year.”

Ma Xiaohe