Areas Related Quotes

“Remote forest areas that function as refuges for threatened island species are increasingly rare and should receive the highest priority for conservation on the larger islands of the Pacific.”

David Olson

“You don't know what you're going to find when you arrive. There are inaccessible areas. Conditions are difficult. It is incredibly hot. They may be encountering areas where there is no gas available.”

Lesly Simmons

“It's an incentive to get these developers to put these apartment complexes in rural areas. There's a need. There's a market that's not being served.”

Randy Bishop

“Homeowners in areas where previous hurricanes have damaged their property need to complete minor repairs before the next hurricane season. What seem like small items, a loose shingle for instance, will be weaknesses if another hurricane comes through, and could result in major damage if not repaired now.”

Max Mayfield

“Vegetables are organized bodies that grow on the dry areas of the globe and within its waters. Their function is to combine immediately the four elements and to serve as food for animals. Nature uses both kingdoms to form all existing combustible mat”

Antoine Lavoisier

“So that would bring new signs back into neighborhood areas.”

Alan Catmur

“I personally believe it's possible to reduce totally in these two areas, and step-by-step in other areas,”

Guenter Verheugen

“This merger would create a monopoly in those areas where cable television is not available, thereby eliminating the only competitive choice for millions of households.”

Charles A. James

“They have still issues with demand on a couple of key areas of their business including the space launch side, the satellite manufacturing side and demand for some of their defense transport products. I'm heading over to an investor conference this morning where I expect them to talk about the turnaround in progress. They will focus on the increasing cash flows and I think we'll get a chance to ask them about some of those strategic issues.”

Chris Mecray

“Communities in these areas may want to ensure additional precautions are taken to control erosion when old orchard lands are disturbed in order to reduce the potential for contamination of nearby surface water.”

Carl Renshaw