Argues Related Quotes

“Europe says you can't use one monopoly to compete in other markets unfairly. Microsoft argues that Windows is a unified product and no government should have the right to say what it can or can't include in the operating system.”

Matt Rosoff

“[Microsoft argues that customers pay more for OSes now because they get more: Win 9x is more feature-rich than Win 3.x.] Windows 95 was a quantum leap in terms of features, ... The cost of the plastic and the keyboard has dropped, but the cost of hiring programmers has gone up.”

Mark Murray

“[BA argues that Chapter 11 is used as another form of state aid and keeps the industry bloated at a time when it would benefit from a sharp reduction in airlines.] In the last four years, the U.S. airlines have soaked up $15 billion to $20 billion (€12 billion-€16 billion) of public subsidies and loan guarantees, ... They're operating in protected markets, they're hoovering up public funds and still they can't make a profit.”

Rod Eddington