Armstrong Related Quotes

“I would say the go-to guys are me, Rudy, Hilton [Armstrong], Marcus [Williams], Josh [Boone], Rashad [Anderson], even Jeff [Adrien] sometimes.”

Denham Brown

“I think the thing that impressed me is (AT&T CEO Michael) Armstrong's strategic vision and the fact that he's got John Malone (TCI's chairman) to go along. There's a real commitment to build a new AT&T.”

Mark Morris

Louis Armstrong on Mondays, Frank Sinatra on Wednesdays, Glenn Miller on Fridays, and Mozart on Sundays. Unless it was raining. If it's raining, it's always Billie Holiday."

Clare Vanderpool

“He (Armstrong) was like a little kid in a candy store while he toured the factory looking at the molds and watching the engineers work on computers. Lance is really a sophisticated bike guy who is thoroughly moved with the science behind the bikes.”

Zap Espinoza

At this point of my life, I'm not out to protect anybody. I'm out to protect seven people, and they all have the last name Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong

A good crowd had formed along the sidewalk and the concrete ledge that bordered Louis Armstrong Park. The anticipation was dizzying...New Orleans had the big-boy parades and [Jackson & Billy] couldn't wait to attend a second line...

Hunter Murphy

I am black: I am the incarnation of a complete fusion with the world, an intuitive understanding of the earth, an abandonment of my ego in the heart of the cosmos, and no white man, no matter how intelligent he may be, can ever understand Louis Armstrong and the music of the Congo.

Frantz Fanon

I feel very privileged to have worked with a lot of outstanding actors: Alun Armstrong, Peter Mullan, Matt Smith and Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Buchan

Armstrong lives as he rides - surrounded by a cocoon of aides and helpers, his gimlet eyes focused on victory.... The self-described atheist has become a deity... but the inquiry's findings may cause the Armstrong faithful to ask, Was the miracle a mirage?

Selena Roberts

We've all heard about space and landing on the moon, but somehow it's a very tom-boyish adventure. It's planting the flag on the moon by Neil Armstrong, and it has this very male-hero edge to it.

Lily Koppel