Army Related Quotes

Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy its will to win or even to survive.

Frances Mayes

“The Army is capable of running the software, but if it breaks, it is our expertise that allows us to fix it.”

Larry Davis

But no one walks out of his family without reprisals: a family is too disciplined an army to offer compassion to its deserters.

Pat Conroy

On the day when two army corps may mutually annihilate each other in a second, probably all civilized nations will recoil with horror and disband their troops.

Alfred Nobel

“Different ways of acting will be presented, ... The army will act according to the decision of the Cabinet.”

Shaul Mofaz

“The PLA (People's Liberation Army) continues to deploy missile forces in areas opposite Taiwan. Those represent a growing force for intimidation.”

William Mccahill

“He indicated it was a very difficult decision and stressed the pragmatic nature of what the Israeli army is trying to do by consolidating its resources. I don't think there was any unrealistic sense of optimism because the Palestinians have done nothing to combat terrorism.”

Eric Cantor

“The Grand Army of the Republic was formed in Decatur, and we have many of their records.”

Scott Pointon

“Our membership is continuing to grow. So, if the plan is approved by the Army Corps of Engineers, we would be very excited.”

Paul Cramer

“We have to note that the regime continues to control the army and security services, the Syrian opposition is very weak and America is bogged down in Iraq,”

Patrick Seale