Aside Related Quotes

“It is difficult to lay aside a confirmed passion.”


“The definitions related to open space are weak in that they do not distinguish between lands set aside for resource-conservation purposes versus lands set aside for recreational purposes; nor do the definitions recognize necessary distinctions between urban, suburban and rural lands.”

Craig Richardson

“And when they hear idle talk they turn aside from it and say: We shall have our deeds and you shall have your deeds; peace be on you, we do not desire the ignorant.”


“Aside from turnover, my big issue is safety. (Janney) may be spending more on maintenance, but my question is, where is it going?”

Christopher Sutton

“Randy, in an unselfish gesture, has asked to step aside at the end of the season,”

Phillip Fulmer

“I want to step aside and make way for my young Ethiopian team mates.”

Kenenisa Bekele

“Companies are going to deliver good numbers. Aside from the usual company-specific disappointments, we are going to get further confirmation that things are moving in the right direction.”

Daniel Broby

“I mentally conceive of some movable projected on a horizontal plane all impediments being put aside. Now it is evident ... that the equable motion on this plane would be perpetual if the plane were of infinite extent; but if we assume it to be ended,”

Galileo Galilei

“We started setting aside two hours every Saturday last fall. A few adults come, but it?s mostly kids, some as young as six, but more around 12 to 13.”

Chris Fisher

“We haven't won the games we wanted to win. I thought maybe if I put baseball aside and focus on football, I can get us a step closer to where we want to be.”

Cedric Benson