Asking Related Quotes

People keep asking me, 'What evil lurks in you to play such bad characters?' There is no evil in me, I just wear tight underwear.

Dennis Hopper

It is easy to get to a higher number when you are not asking anything difficult from yourself.

Barack Obama

Whether or not our system of Indian management has been a success during the past ten, fifty, or hundred years is almost answered in the asking.

Nelson A. Miles

“Government doesn't have the money to keep up with the developers, so we're asking them to pay their fair share for traffic they bring into the area.”

Wayne Howard

The best educators I have met never stop asking questions. Some of them have taught for forty years and continue to be energized by new possibilities.

Carol Ann Tomlinson

“Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post how it feels about dogs.”

Christopher Hampton

I remember the first time Dakota asked me for fashion advice about what to put with what. I was like, 'My big sister is asking me?'

Elle Fanning

“There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions”

Charles P. Steinmetz

If somebody's not prepared to answer the question, you can keep asking

Martin Bashir

Asking what the question is, and why the question is asked, is always asking a pertinent question.

Raymond Geuss