Asleep Related Quotes

“If you put me in South Park, that audience is going to fall asleep in five minutes, ... It's a sad commentary that I'm edgy.”

Stephan Pastis

“It looks like he fell asleep. We're looking at human error as the cause.”

Manuel Gonzalez

“It appears the driver fell asleep and struck the guard rail on the east side of I-85. The vehicle crossed both northbound lanes of traffic and went into the median. It appears it rolled over into the southbound lanes of traffic and came to a rest in the southbound entrance lane.”

Capt. Allan Elkins

“We were asleep. I think if I'm honest Norwich deserved all three points. We had our chances - it could have been 5-4 - but I think in the end 2-1 was probably a fair reflection.”

Steve Cotterill

?Because of the late hour, we think he might have fallen asleep at the wheel.?

Barry Smith

“I don?t think I fell asleep. You can?t use that as an excuse when you don?t get a lot of action. There?s going to be periods like that all the time. I hold myself accountable. I should have been a lot better.”

Rejean Beauchemin

“We were asleep in the first, but were able to come alive in the final two periods. I think the injury timeout stopped our momentum, but the health of all of my players is my No. 1 concern.”

Craig Wehner

“I only remember that I was asleep and when I woke up, the van was already turning over. When the van stopped, I was thrown into the grass. I turned my head, and saw that other people had been thrown out. I couldn't see whether they were OK. I couldn't move. I couldn't sit up. I couldn't walk. All I could do was wait for help to come. It seemed like forever because of the pain.”

Raul Ramirez

“Until a couple years ago, the FCC was sort of asleep at the wheel when it comes to indecency enforcement, ... We helped jumpstart the FCC and get them to look at this issue seriously.”

Melissa Caldwell

“We got off to a bad start against the wrong team. I hold myself partly responsible, falling asleep on their second goal.”

Pat Campbell