Aspect Related Quotes

“Especially after (Wednesday), I did not feel comfortable about my game, but every aspect of it went fine, ... I felt everything was flowing. I was not thinking, I just played. I had a pretty good start and he felt that.”

Andy Roddick

“Both he and the board have big ambitions for the club, so it's important that the communications aspect off-field matches the effort of the manager and the players on-field.”

David Southern

“They were cheering for each other and holding blocks and carrying sweats. The team aspect was really good at the meet. I think that will pay off throughout the season.”

Aaron Nida

“Some of everything happened out there. Basically, we were outplayed. In every aspect of the game, we were outplayed. Basically, it seems like there is a problem that needs to be fixed and it doesn't lie with one person. No one individual is the reason this is happening. It's just collectively as a group we need to come together.”

Duane Starks

“It's just another frustrating aspect of the whole process, ... It's frustrating to go back when we should be going forward.”

David Crowley

?From a personal aspect, I'm sad to see them go and obviously I wish them all the best. But I think it's going to be exciting, the new team we put on the floor.?

Becky Hammon

“The EU should not be prescribing a single uniform pricing structure on roaming - they don't in any other aspect of the mobile services that operators offer in their national markets.”

Richard Feasey

“The first fundamental aspect of seeking first the kingdom of God involves seeking his righteousness”

Sunday Adelaja

“This is their program and I wanted to get them involved in every aspect of it. We offer other drawing and painting classes and an arts program and I wanted to try and bring it all together. I thought this was a good avenue.”

David Pies

“We loved the whole Mississippi River aspect of it. You can't exactly recreate that.”

David Webb