Aspects Related Quotes

“There are a few aspects of the game where we've really got to grow up and it showed tonight, like the sticking penalties. We have to understand we're not going to win unless we all play together, unless we all take shorter shifts, unless we put the puck on the net and unless we play as a five-man unit.”

Adrian Aucoin

“Last year, everything went great in all aspects except attendance.”

Al Bricker

“The document is fabulous. There were proposals to create a governmental organization that might control many technical aspects of the Internet and, through this, content as well. This is now off the table. There is no change to the U.S. role, no change to ICANN.”

David Gross

“We thought we could mimic some aspects of these special living spaces in synthetic scaffolds that degrade and become absorbed by the body after the cells move away.”

David Mooney

“It is so great that we have both aspects of the game working in our favor. It will be nice not having to keep too much pressure on either unit, although we would like to be running on all cylinders all the time.”

Connie Clark

“There are some aspects of the project that are, let's say, worrisome.”

Roberto Smeraldi

“She was outstanding all around. She was spiking from the back row. She was consistent in all aspects of the game.”

Michelle Abraham

“You'll have automated federation of all aspects of the software development lifecycle process.”

Danny Sabbah

“I think we're playing better in all aspects of the game than we have all year. We're looking forward to the next couple games and doing what we need to do.”

Clay Martin

“With the broad consensus reached on key aspects of this proposal the European Parliament has provided us with a solid basis for going forward.”

Charlie Mccreevy