Assets Related Quotes

“It's definitely a consolidating sector. With few assets likely to come on the block, you can definitely command a premium.”

Philip Olsen

“I think they are going to sell off a number of the assets.”

Sam Lieber

We adopted a focused strategy of core businesses in Citicorp that play to our unique historic strengths as a global bank that will provide strong growth and attractive returns over the long-term... And we've identified non-core assets we have shed.

Michael Corbat

“Having paid for these assets we'll still remain within the long-term gearing target the board has set.”

Eivind Reiten

I would not trade America's position in the world - our ledger, our debts and assets - for any country in the world. There isn't a country in the world even close to America.

Chuck Hagel

I sell my problems. I'm a woman with problems. I've had problems since the day I was born. And I have found a way to turn my problems into assets.

Suzanne Somers

One of my assets is my fitness. My fitness around the net and my movement: that's my defense to the power.

Cara Black

“The merger brings together key assets related to UCG in a tightly connected team, making it easier to ensure we have well-aligned priorities, an integrated R&D platform, and the best partner ecosystem.”

Anoop Gupta

“After all the debts and assets have been duly distributed according to the rule, any ,property be afterwards discovered, one must divide it equally.”

Guru Nanak

In my mid 30's, after a decade or so of giving full time to the music thing and finding myself with about $10 in the bank and no assets other than my musical equipment, I realized I needed to get serious about making a living.

Marc Edwards