Assists Related Quotes

“Forty points and 10 assists. When he wasn't scoring, he was creating opportunities for other guys. Tonight was a prime example of a team effort. Our intensity was much better from the start.”

Maurice Cheeks

“When Marbury gets 15 assists and one turnover without Jamal in the game, you realize why we won. He was phenomenal.”

Larry Brown

“We played him at the point (guard position), which is not his natural position. But he led us in assists, and he worked hard to get his shot. ... Each year, he has gotten better. He?s got a real good feel for the game. He understands basketball, and he always gives you his best effort.”

Dave Macdonald

“Tim not scoring, he doesn't care. He had six assists and led the team. ... He's unselfish enough to find guys on the floor and let them play.”

Gregg Popovich

“No, it was the 28 assists. We were out there playing for each other. We were going after it as a team.”

Liz Shimek

“Five rebounds, five assists, no turnovers. He played solid. He always plays solid.”

Dee Brown

“It's not strictly about goals and assists. It meant as much to me to give a big hit as it did to score a big goal. I'm a Gemini so I have a split personality.”

Cam Neely

“I think we handle the ball well and I think we should always have a lot of assists. It was the kind of game I was extremely pleased about and was pretty much the way we like to play.”

Al Skinner

“You have to credit my teammates. Without them I wouldn't have had any assists.”

Daniel Anaya

“It should slow the turnovers down and bring the assists up.”

Patrick Sparks