Attack Related Quotes

“We're getting a balanced scoring attack. We're scoring points and that makes things much easier.”

Phil Letham

“What they do is they're consistent in the their offensive attack. They don't vary. They're precise. They don't panic.”

Wendell Byrd

“This is one of our strongest defensive teams. We have a great back four. We attack well from the back.”

Alex Camargo

“[Like Rangers, their attacking options are offset by an untested defence.] They are not as good in defence as attack, ... They have replaced Seitaridis with Fatih Sonkaya, a Turkish defender signed from Besiktas. The fans don't trust him very much. César Peixoto is a winger playing at left-back. At the centre of defence are Ricardo Costa and Pedro Emanuel, how good are they? Not as good as Ricardo Carvalho and Jorge Andrade. Adriaanse has already said that Jorge Costa is too old.”

Carlos Machado

“Without his endorsement, Bloomberg never would have been elected. The attack was still very fresh in people's minds and Giuliani's emotional connection to New Yorkers was extremely high.”

Steven Cohen

“more traumatic than the attack on Pearl Harbor.”

Dan Sullivan

“Attack is the reaction; I never think I have hit hard unless it rebounds”

Samuel Johnson

“I exercised my constitutional prerogatives after I was the target of an armed attack.”

Saddam Hussein

“(Fortner) emphasized that we wanted to attack them and get to the foul line. We wanted to make their guards play defense. We're really trying to understand the scouting reports and take advantage of the weaknesses our opponents have.”

Nitasha Brown

“Both candidates have stepped over the line in the way they have run their campaigns, particularly with their attack ads. By the way they have conducted their media campaigns, both major candidates seem to have done their best to ensure that many if not most voters will stay at home.”

Patrick Murray