Attacks Related Quotes

“These new attacks are corporate espionage.”

Patrick Hinojosa

“It's the political season, and unfortunately these negative attacks are all too common.”

Vivian Myrtetus

“The remainder of the game was constant pressure towards the Mexican goal, but we could not finish the attacks with sufficient composure.”

Even Pellerud

“Conditions for those who remain have noticeably worsened over the last few weeks, with increasingly violent attacks on the rise,”

Ron Redmond

“Since the terrorist attacks are so fresh and our country's response is not yet known, it is premature to make definitive judgments about the economy. We can only speculate based upon what we think the administration will do and how consumers will respond.”

Rosalind Wells

“The terrorist attacks are going to make a bad situation even worse.”

Steven Wood

“Although the attacks based on WMF are very real, and the exploitation and the threats are evolving on a very fast basis, our analysis is consistent that the infection rate is low to moderate. However, the threat is very real, and customers should take the action of deploying this update as soon as possible.”

Debby Fry Wilson

“Move-on?s long planned attacks were derailed before they got out of the gate because they?re false and deceptive. Voters will see right through it.”

Carl Forti

“We leave it to the people's discernment on whether their attacks on the president are in keeping with their role as church leaders.”

Eduardo Ermita

“This has been vital to our efforts to disrupt plots and prevent attacks from happening. These are vital tools for our law enforcement and intelligence officials. And they use them every day as they work around the clock to protect the American people.”

Scott Mcclellan