Attractive Related Quotes

“The adjustable-rate mortgages aren't attractive anymore.”

Stephen Levy

“That's clearly attractive to state legislators.”

Paul Gallant

“A lot of the [UNC] pitchers have mustaches. It's not very attractive.”

Andrew Miller

“The higher oil rises, the more attractive ethanol becomes. It's also an environmental issue. It's not as though there are other alternative fuels that are cheaper.”

Christine Mccracken

“They only select items they really know are going to be useful or attractive to customers. That is what really makes them different. They do the opposite of what everybody else does.”

Claes Fornell

“My proposal features an attractive arrangement of transitional land uses, including small residential like professional offices and a neighborhood of variable intensity residential lots. These uses are tied together and connected to a central open space reserve through a comprehensive internal pedestrian and vehicular circulation system.”

Cary Clarke

“It's not that often that assets that are this attractive, this complementary and this scarce come on the market. We think this deal will position us for long-term leadership in television content.”

Peter Chernin

“It's an attractive segment of the market. They tend to stay longer and spend more. And currently, the exchange rates are in their favor so it's a real bargain.”

Chad Prosser

“You're only as intelligent, attractive, strong or weak as the people you surround yourself with.”

Poate J Matairavula

“Attractive valuations and convergence with the United States should continue to attract money flows and fund managers' interest to Mexico.”

Carlos Peyrelongue