Audit Related Quotes

“We're ready for the audit, all three years back to 2003, if necessary.”

Walt Kuver

“They took an audit period when the department was clearly in disarray. It's disappointing, because I consider it a political document, not a competent audit of the school district.”

Donald Van Every

“Each federation must have an annual audit and even if just 10 francs are missing to know who to hold to account.”

Roger Milla

“It seems to me the idea of competing for resources with audit is the shortest path to going away. If you partner with them and share the load and treat audit with due deference, you have a shot. As long as you compete, it won't work.”

Allan Paller

“I absolutely believe that an audit is warranted; 20 years is too long, ... There have been a lot of allegations about this board, but the key word is 'allegations.' We need to, hopefully through an audit, see if the allegations have any merit. I'm not necessarily digging for any unethical behavior, but after 20 years, I think we should take a look.”

Carolyn Allen

“The committee is a great tool to help the selectmen facilitate the audit. It will make them aware of issues going on, and assist them in understanding important aspects about it.”

Chris Rogers

“Everything in this audit is accounting issues.”

Don Mcgahn

“If it is a relatively small thing, like you transpose two numbers, that is less likely to trigger an audit than if you omit a large portion of your income,”

Eric Tyson

“Someone could have noticed, through basic audit controls, that this person had made these changes to the system.”

Glenn Brunette

“We are still awaiting the results of the audit from the provinces which we have selected randomly.”

Farid Ayar