Audit Related Quotes

“The Legislative Audit Advisory (Commission) is a sham. The Legislature basically audits itself and the citizens of Pennsylvania do not have a complete and independent account of where all the money goes.”

Gene Stilp

“If it is a relatively small thing, like you transpose two numbers, that is less likely to trigger an audit than if you omit a large portion of your income,”

Eric Tyson

“An audit was done last year by Professor U Africa, which revealed that academic exclusion was racist and oppressive.”

Sammy Mashita

“This safety audit that the insurance company does is thorough. It involves safety issues with equipment, building security and just all kinds of things like that. They give us a detailed report and we're glad to use it.”

Dave Griffin

“stronger, more independent audit system.”

Arthur Andersen

“We're ready for the audit, all three years back to 2003, if necessary.”

Walt Kuver

“What we're looking for are the criteria a facility has to adhere to pass an audit.”

Matt Prescott

“We'd like to talk further with the audit bureau and clarify this. We definitely believe they (the expenditures) are allowable.”

David Larson

“They took an audit period when the department was clearly in disarray. It's disappointing, because I consider it a political document, not a competent audit of the school district.”

Donald Van Every

“This is a normal process. It's like a normal tax audit by the IRS.”

Ali Moshiri