Augusta Related Quotes

“I am more than happy to have received a unanimous vote from the Judiciary Committee in Augusta.”

Audrey Miller

“When I first saw this place, in its bones, it reminded me of Augusta National, what with its (clubhouse) columns and stately oak trees. The majority of our early dollars will be put into the clubhouse.”

David Fry

“I am so happy to see that Augusta is getting noticed for the beautiful city it has been working so hard to become again.”

Phil Weber

“We haven't really played Augusta the last five, six years in very firm, fast conditions. We haven't played a new course, so to speak, in firm, fast conditions. There's going to be a mix of players in there.”

Ernie Els

“In tourism alone, Augusta brings in $100 million a year. If this is a couple million, that nice. That's not insignificant. Having the Class A tournament here, it's good for the image of the community.”

Peter Thompson

“Mr. Stephens and another member at Augusta, John Griffith from Texas, were trying to figure out a good caddy who could get along with Ben. They thought I was the one. Between Mr. Griffith and Mr. Stephens, they got us both to agree and we've been with each other ever since. We work so well together.”

Carl Jackson

“Little Rock is more like home to me than Augusta. This is where my roots are.”

Carl Jackson

“I don't think it would have been turned [down] without the strong objection of Augusta National.”

Rick Martin

“I was having problems because [Augusta Chairman ] Cliff Roberts and [and former U. S. President ] Gen. Eisenhower were very concerned about me being there at such a young age. I was under age and I was supposed to be in school.”

Carl Jackson

“I suppose I appreciated Augusta more than anyone,”

Arnold Palmer