Augusta Related Quotes

“I just wish that we had... the Augusta karma.”

Olin Browne

“There's no one better than Ben on the greens here at Augusta, probably him, Tiger (Woods) and Phil (Mickelson). I think Ben still may be even better than Tiger on the greens.”

Ernie Els

“I was having problems because [Augusta Chairman ] Cliff Roberts and [and former U. S. President ] Gen. Eisenhower were very concerned about me being there at such a young age. I was under age and I was supposed to be in school.”

Carl Jackson

“San Jose is a lot better place to be than Augusta, Georgia, where there's 100 percent humidity.”

Dave Mckae

“I remember. That's the year I won at Augusta. That's the year I won three tournaments going into Augusta.”

Gary Player

“It's set up just perfectly. It's great for the guys that came here to get ready for Augusta.”

Phil Mickelson

“We must stop thinking that Augusta knows best. Maine people are smart, thrifty and varied. It is time government recognized that in how it regulates our health care system.”

Chandler Woodcock

“I suppose I appreciated Augusta more than anyone,”

Arnold Palmer

“We're enjoying people coming in from Augusta and the surrounding areas.”

Colin Miller

“I was sitting in a gym, and he started banging in threes. I saw him in the Augusta Peach Jam. A lot of people questioned why we recruited him. A lot of people told Tyler that he wouldn't be able to play here. A couple of other coaches when he committed made comments like 'Don't call us when you transfer because you won't play there.' I was confident that he was a good player.”

Mick Cronin